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What's up everyone?! My name is Lisette (pronounced Luh-set), but a lot of people call me Lizzie. I'm a 21 year old freelance model and blogger based in NYC. I'm also a full-time college student working to obtain a bachelor's degree in fashion marketing.
On Natucurl, I'm looking to share my hair tips and tricks with all of you. I've had my fair share of hair disasters and want to help you guys avoid the mistakes I've made. From sharing my favorite hair products and DIY masks, to crazy hair stories, I want to be an open book to everyone in the curly hair community.
Right here, of course! I'll also be posting hair related videos on YouTube very soon, so be on the lookout for that ;)
Now! I've noticed that over the past few years rocking your natural hair has become much more than a trend. People are saying goodbye to relaxers and flat irons and hello to natural products and protective styles. I feel like there is no better time to discuss my hair journey than right now.
Growing up a lot of people would tell me that I should straighten my hair because they thought it looked better, and like a fool, I listened to them. I would flat iron the crap out of my hair back in middle school and didn't even realize how much I was damaging my hair at the time. All I was worried about was fitting in, which is one of the worst mistakes I've ever made. Fast forward to today, my curls are pretty much my trademark and I refuse to blow it out unless I absolutely have to. By starting this blog, I'm hoping to inspire others to embrace their natural hair by sharing my stories and thoughts. 

xo, Lisette

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  1. You have beautiful hair :) <3 And welcome to the blogging world :D

    1. Thanks for the love and warm welcome Natasa, I appreciate it :)